Creating Healthy Life Habits in Kids

Creating Healthy Life Habits in Kids

Have your kids completed a 'Learn to Swim' program? Studies have shown that kids who continue to swim, with a club, for at least another 12 months, find a life-long confidence for getting back in the pool for fun and exercise. Swimming is one of the few physical activities that exercises the majority of the body muscle groups and gives your heart and lungs a work-out, while being gentle on the joints. Why would you need anything else?


At the Ballarat GCO Swim Club, we cater for most age groups; from the young kids who have completed 'Learn to Swim', to Juniors who are a bit more advanced but not yet ready for competition, to people of any age who are serious about their health and/or competition.


We hold training sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, for various levels of swimmers. Most of these sessions are at the UniSports pool (Federation University, Mount Helen). 


Find out more about the club on this website or CONTACT US to arrange an assessment.